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Seek and ye shall find! 

I get this call from my shooting buddy Colin and he is all animated about a new shooting spot he found and how I had to come over right away!  Well, who am I to argue with a request like that?

We have found and shot many "nesting" locations in the spring but we are also always looking for something new, and what a spot he had found!  



We estimated that there were well over 100 nests  between the Great Blue Herons, Egrets, and Cormorants!   It was nuts!!  

It was almost too amazing to stay focused enough to shoot! (Almost!) Honestly there were so many subjects to shoot I was whipping around like crazy! Every other heron was carrying in sticks to build there nests!  What a spot!



As the weeks passed we made MANY trips back and got  to watch the nests get filled with squawking youngsters!  


As I have said before, just when I think I am not going to really pursue wildlife photography,  I have ones of these experiences!!  

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