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Field of Dreams...

I got a chance this week to photograph some high school baseball.  I had never shot it before but the great thing about HS sports is the access, you are SO close to the action!  The backgrounds can get a little cluttered, even shooting wide open, but I still got some good shots for the parents of the catcher, that I was focused on.  It took awhile to get the right speed and motions down in order to not miss the ball or the action, and  man even in HS that ball moves pretty fast!! 

Here some faves:




I wanted to try and get a few "creative" shots while I was there. I noticed Nick had a lot of dust in his mitt, so I wanted to capture the effect of that ball and glove impact, so I intentionally shot a hair late on a few pitches to capture that cloud of dust after the pitch made it home! 


Then I went behind the backstop and had some real fun! This little trial burned quite a few pixels before I got some keepers!(Man I love digital!)  I picked a spot in between home plate  and the pitchers mound and my focus in. Now, because I use back button focusing, all I had to do was let the shutter blast away and it would be focused vertically on that plane that I had set focus on! When the ball crossed that imaginary  line, it would be in focus, and because I was shooting at f2.8, not much else would be!!  Like I said, I had quite a few misses, but I really like this keeper, where the players are all out of focus but the ball in mid-air is in focus!  


It was a real good reminder to me to never settle for the same old reliable, cliche shots, even if they are good, but to try and stretch my techniques and see if I can create something unique, even at a local high school baseball game! 


I also created a print for Nick to have.  He is a great athlete and with his full catchers gear on, he  remined me of a Roman Gladiator, ready for battle, so I captured this in game portrait and then did a little extra processing on it for him:


The Gladiator



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