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Nate 2.0

When I did Nate's Senior pictures, we talked about doing something out of the box, that no other senior would have, and Nate being an artist himself, was all for it! In the beginning of 2012 I had given myself several personal challenges, one of which was to create a composite.  I have followed and loved the work  of sports portrait artist, Joel Grimes for several years and his work was the inspiration to even attempt this! 

I had Nate come over and we set up the shoot in my garage with a roll of seamless, and a simple two light setup.  I used two sidelights, a softbox on the left and a umbrella on the right, both with SB-600 speedlights fired by pocketwizards.



Then a few weeks later when I saw some cool looking clouds in the sky, I went to a local basketball court and grabbed this:

I did a 3  shot bracket with +2, 0, -2 and made a gritty HDR out of it:


Then I brought both images into Photoshop, added some"grit" to Nate's "garage" picture, cut out the white background and combined them to create this:

I made some mistakes, but I sure learned a LOT and he LOVED it! It was fun to give it to him at his grad party and have him be able to show all his friends! 


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