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An afternoon with a 360 Modena

I got the opportunity to shoot a Ferrari 360 Modena recently and wanted to share some of theimages.  First, let me preface this by mentioning a few things, I had to shoot this in the owners garage.  I didn't know they built garages this small!! 18' wide and about 22' deep! I couldn't even get light down the side of the car because I couldn't get the flash positioned far enough away! I ama detail guy, I think the parts can really bring out the beauty and design of these beautiful machines.



I had envisioned and thought a lot about this shot before I got to the location.  I wanted to create this mood of uncovering hidden beauty,  but I wanted it to be more of a  darker atmosphere.  I knew I needed to light this whole front corner, but also that I wanted the light to falloff really quick, so I went with a 60" umbrella that was just out the frame on the right.  After the first good shot, I realized that the front wheel was dark, so I added a second softbox on the floor to camera right to light up the wheel.  In the end I wish I had brought some black foam core to cover the floor, maybe next time!  

Here are some more of my faves: